New Leaf ESL Materials focus on non-literate and very beginning English learners.

Reading and Writing Basic English. For students who need a systematic introduction to the English sound/sign system, numbers and letter formation. It is possible that they are not literate in any language.

English Basics. For students who can still benefit from a systematic introduction to the English sound/sign system and numbers but are familiar with the concept of reading from their own language and do not need special practice forming English letters. They graduate fairly quickly from sounds to words to simple sentences.

English Basics Extra. For students using English Basics who need more practice writing numbers and letters and producing and distinguishing between sounds.

Real Basics. A simple beginning text for immigrants who have already grasped the rudiments of reading English.

The creation of these texts followed many years of working with English as a Second Language students from all over the world and of varying linguistic and educational backgrounds. We learned from them what they needed to know.

Reading and Writing English was introduced at TESOL ’98 in Seattle and has been used in a variety of settings including community colleges, adult schools, refugee centers and in one-on-one tutorials. Real Basics appeared shortly thereafter and has also found wide acceptance. English Basics and English Basics Extra were produced when it was found that some literacy students who could grasp the concepts at a speedier pace.

All three texts have invaluable teacher’s companions, full of suggestions, literacy-teaching know-how for teachers new to this field and a plethora of reproducible aides and pictures for pair and group practice.

Take a look at the sample pages to see if our books can meet your students’ needs. If you explain your situation to us, we’ll be happy to tell you if we think one of our texts is appropriate.

Students using New Leaf ESL texts now have the opportunity to hear sounds and simple grammar as well as study it in printed form. Take a look at this link. It will tell you about two new free websites.